Wedding Colors & Styles

6 11 2009

When it comes to your wedding, you need to make sure that you choose the right colors. After all, your wedding colors are going to play a very big role in the overall mood that you want to set for the wedding. Today we are going to talk about picking out the best colors and what you should look for. We will also talk about choosing wedding colors that go with seasonal themes. This way you never have to feel like you are choosing the wrong color again.

First of all, your wedding style needs to be reflected in the wedding style that you choose. For example, you can easily choose colors that match the wedding flowers that are going to be used or the bridesmaid dresses. This is not an easy task, however, because sometimes people want to choose the wedding flowers and dresses based on the wedding colors that you pick out! When this happens, then you have to come up with the best overall colors for the wedding.

Now, when it comes to seasonal themes, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First of all, we are going to talk about Spring and Summer since these are the seasons that people are most likely to choose. For Spring and Summer, it is best to use things like mint green and ice blue. People normally also like golds and yellows, as well as a lilac color. These are not the only colors that go great with Spring and Summer weddings, but it will help you to get started.

If you are having a Fall and Winter wedding, then you need to go with a Crepe Red or a navy Blue. Sometimes even a Tango Red or a Cinnamon color goes great with these kinds of weddings. People normally like hunter green for winter weddings as well. Do keep in mind that these are just suggestions, and if you do not like these kinds of colors, then you should not use them, because you will not be happy with the overall look and feel of your wedding.

Now, if you choose to mix your wedding colors, then you have to keep a few things in mind as well. For example, some colors work better in the background. A yellow or gold background, for instance, could look really nice against a tango red. Next, be sure that you start off with your base color first. From the base color, then you can start making lighter or darker shades from there.

No matter what you do, the season is going to have some kind of effect on the colors that you choose. For example, bright colors are normally a great thing to use during the spring. However, darker and richer tones could be the best thing to use during the fall and winter months.

Now, after you finally pick out the wedding colors that you want, it’s time to make sure that your other colors fit in with it. This means that now the bridesmaid dresses and wedding flowers need to fit in with the colors that you have chosen. Do not worry about telling them what kind of colors they have to use, because they had their chance to tell you what colors they liked. Now it’s your turn to tell them what colors they are going to wear. Also keep in mind that flowers are going to normally be the centerpiece at most of the tables where your guests are sitting, meaning that, if you do not have flowers that match, then you are going to end up with a theme that does not look like it goes together very well.

Overall, you need to remember that weddings need to flow. The more things that you can have that look like they go together, the better off your wedding is going to look. Just remember that wedding colors do not have to follow certain themes if you do not want your wedding to be traditional.

Remember that it is your wedding overall, and you do not have to take other peoples’ ideas. If you want to mix and match colors until your eyes pop out of your head, then that is your call, and no one can tell you differently. However, if you want your wedding to flow and not look like it does not go together, then you need to be sure that you choose colors that, not only go with each other, but go with the overall theme of your wedding. For example, a beach themed wedding will need more earthy tones than weddings that are based on a more traditional wedding theme. Keeping these ideas in mind can make sure that your wedding is everything that you want it to be. Be sure to keep people who are planning your wedding up-to-date with colors that you choose as well.

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2 responses

22 08 2011

Dear bro,

Advise dunk mengenai tata lampu yang diperlukan. Nanti bulan November will be my first handling a wedding. Theme color RED & GOLD. tks

Indra 081333001000

26 08 2011

waduh maksudnya gimana ya Om??? kalo theme dekor dah mewakili warna keinginan Om..jangan dikasih lagi warna merah…Mungkin penggunaan PAR LED di dekor bisa membantu. Namun PAR LED yang beredar di Indo kurang bagus di segi Fotografi.

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